Compassionate Family Law And Divorce Counsel

Problems at home typically lead to one thing: a desire to "just get it over with." At Hedeen Hughes & Wetering, we have worked with countless clients who are almost willing to sign away their entire future just because they want to forget their relationship and move on as quickly as possible.

Don't Sacrifice Your Rights

A divorce will be difficult, but it is critical that you take the time to understand your rights and stand up for those rights as needed. This does not mean every argument has to end up in court, and in many cases you can settle outside of court with a favorable outcome. You just need to make sure you are making decisions that help you in the long run.

Our attorneys can help. We handle a wide range of family law and divorce matters, including:

We Can Help You Get What You Need

Since 1923, we have been a cornerstone of southwestern Minnesota law. Our team is comprised of lawyers and professional support staff members who each have decades of experience. We work together on cases to give our clients the most creative and strategic counsel possible, but we retain a small-firm service focus.

When you contact our office, everyone at our firm will be able to give you the attention and care you need during this difficult time in your life.


We Will Tell You What You Need To Hear

We have seen many clients come to us after multiple attorneys failed to tell them the truth about a case. Sometimes that truth is, "You're asking for something that is impossible."

Our goal is to thoughtfully and honestly advise our clients while keeping a creative focus on how to best solve their problems. We operate with integrity and excellence above all else, which means when you work with us, we will tell you the truth about your case. We will never draw out legal proceedings to simply add expense to your case. We will never settle for something when we think you are better served through litigation.

For More Information

For a customized approach to your family law matter, contact our office in Worthington, Minnesota. We are licensed to practice in Minnesota and South Dakota and can be readily accessible through long-distance correspondence with out-of-state clients. Reach us via email or by telephone at 507-376-3181 to arrange a free initial consultation.


Hedeen Hughes & Wetering is a Worthington, Minnesota, law firm serving clients in Minnesota and South Dakota.

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