Thoughtful Business And Real Estate Counsel

Investors and owners of small and midsized businesses are part of what helps a community thrive. Part of their success involves building an enterprise on a solid legal foundation. If you are a business owner or real estate developer or are interested in forming a new business entity, make sure you have a go-to legal adviser throughout the process.


The Experience And Business Acumen To Get The Job Done

At Hedeen Hughes & Wetering, we are long-standing advocates for the local business and real estate community. Our firm was founded in 1923 and has since been known for quality legal counsel provided with personal attention and service.

When you work with us, you get a team of qualified and reliable attorneys you can turn to for a single business transaction or for ongoing counsel as the need arises. Everyone on our team, from our professional support staff to our managing partners, has decades of experience in business and commercial transactions and litigation. You can trust that when you call us, you will be speaking with someone who can answer your questions and move your case forward efficiently.

How We Can Help You

We handle a wide range of business and commercial law matters, including:

We also have exceptional experience in real estate transactions and disputes that involve:

Contact Our Office For More Information

From our office in Worthington, Minnesota, we work with clients throughout Minnesota and South Dakota. Contact us via email or by telephone at 507-376-3181 to arrange a consultation with an experienced lawyer.

Hedeen Hughes & Wetering is a Worthington, Minnesota, law firm serving clients in Minnesota and South Dakota.

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