Care And Strategy In Estate Planning And Probate

Everyone can benefit from a thorough and detailed estate plan. It helps ease the confusion and complications of finalizing a loved one's affairs. It provides a clear outline for how your assets should be distributed when you pass away, and it can give you peace of mind in knowing you will be responsibly cared for medically and financially if you are incapacitated.


At Hedeen Hughes & Wetering, we understand that the future is difficult to think about, but trust us, it is worth having these important estate planning conversations before something unexpected happens.

Our team of lawyers can give you the guidance you need to establish the appropriate estate planning documents or see you through the probate and estate administration process if you have recently lost a loved one. Let us help.

Estate Planning Services

Efficiency plays a key role in how we approach estate planning. We look at tools like wills, trusts, powers of attorney, health care directives and more to develop a comprehensive package that clearly outlines every detail you could need to consider for your estate.

We emphasize tax planning and the minimization of tax consequences under state and federal tax law. The asset transfer process can be costly in and of itself. We ensure that our clients make thoughtful decisions about how to structure their assets so they can be responsibly distributed for their own elder care and/or for the legacy they leave to heirs and beneficiaries.

Probate And Estate Administration Services

Privacy is a key component of estate administration. Many of our clients are concerned about having a public probate notice in their local paper. Your assets should not have to be public knowledge.

If we can help you avoid probate, we will. Typically, that starts with effective estate planning, but if your loved one did not proactively establish an estate plan, you may be left with some unknowns. We can help you move through the administration process efficiently and will do our best to resolve disputes without lengthy and costly legal processes.


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Our law firm in Worthington, Minnesota, handles cases throughout Minnesota and South Dakota. Whether you are close to Worthington or simply want matters handled by someone out of state for confidentiality, we can help. Contact our office online or by telephone at 507-376-3181 to arrange a consultation.

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